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Welcome to FRESSERS Courtyard Cafe and Catering and the home of the Hitchin Kitchen!

This is our 23nd season in Highlands and we are honored to share it with you!

Please visit the cafe at 470 Oak Street!

Fressers and Chef  Debbie are just a phone call away. 828-526-8847

Serving HIGHLANDS Since 1999

Named in the spirit of owner Debbie Grossman's grandparents, Fresser is a Yiddish word for big eater or one 

who eats copiously and without restraint.

Debbie's grandparents spoke Yiddish when they didn't want the kids to understand what they were saying.  Fresser was one of "those" Yiddish words and, as a tip of her hat to her beloved grandparents,  has been part of her business name from the beginning. 

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Having an event in the

Highlands/Cashiers area?

 We can help!

Our team of professionals will do all they

can to make your event a seamless, tasty event.

Whether you need an on-site full service grill for 200 or 

an office lunch for 10, we are happy to put together 

just the right menu for you.

Take a look at our three options below and contact us today 

about catering your way!